Salah Eddine LAOUINA Artist Painter Photographer

Since he was 7 years old Salah Eddine Laouina started to express himself through art in different forms, starting by trying to copy cartoon characters. At the age of 11, his father’s gift changed his life! An Astigmat Halinar camera that is difficult to have sharp pictures with, but it was enough for Salah to stimulate him toward photography!

Being born in Marrakech had a great influence on him, the red city is known by its magical colors and streets. Inspiration can be found in all corners, for an observanteye like his! Beside his passion to photography and painting, he was a fan of nature, and in a country like Morocco nature is easy to be found, Salah used to climb mountains, camp in the forests and swim in the rivers which helped much to raise his artistic awareness.

Another gift marked his life in his 16th birthday, that was the amazing Bridge Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3.2mp and this is how he was introduced to digital photography, together with his camera that became his friend Salah registered in color and in black and white snaps of
landscapes, street art, portraits and silent nature.

Salah did not  face a lack of inspiration very often, he found it  everywhere around him, the sky, the wind, the night and the mouvements. Every face has a story, every wall builds a new base for an artistic work. How would his inspiration lack when it is connecting to an endless source like nature?

Salah chose a different professional path from art. He got his bachelor degree in Computer System and Software Engineering then his master in Management and Corporate Strategy later on.
After concluding his studies, Salah was recruited as a webmarkting responsible in one of the most prestigious Moroccan companies. During this phase of his life, he did not forget his art; he was using every possible free time out of his working hours to “work out” his passion.

Until 2012 when he finally combined his profession with his passion. Lucky us, we got to see the wonderful work of Salah in different galleries in Morocco, France, Spain and USA.
In his paintings, we can see a fine care for the details and a wonderful mixture of colors that is attractive and comfortable for the eye at the same time.

His photography work is quite variable, from black and whitepictures, to HDR. Salah uses different technics to illustrate the movements in his pictures which makes them more alive.

Nearly 32 years old today, the artist with artworks exposed next to the most famous painters Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali in the Pablo Picasso museum Mijas Malaga, is exploding his talent and passion with new projects, pictures and paintings together with his unique special vision to create a beautiful, visible and admirable work.

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